Reward Customers. Grow Revenue. 0% Commissions on your Green Fees

Golf Surprize setup reward days to solve green fee revenue issues using

only a cell number. Can your staff enter a cell number?

That's staff training done!

What is golf surprize?

Golf Surprize is a rewards platform that gives social golfers a chance to win credits instantly to spend in your club based on their scores and experiences playing your course. 

All that’s needed is their cell number. 

We Aussies like to keep things easy, that’s why we’ve designed our platform to be super simple for your staff to use. In fact, getting setup only takes 15 minutes. 

We also believe in a having a fair go, that’s why Golf Surprize takes no commissions on green fees. That’s your revenue and we want to increase it for you, not take part of it. You always gain revenue before we get paid. It’s that simple.



How does golf surprize work?

An Alternative To Discounting

Customers have a reason to pay higher green fees now, and you have a reason to promote them as a “special”.

Guarantee Increased  Spending In The Club

Customers who win are awarded credits that have to be redeemed immediately in the proshop and clubhouse.

Influence Customer Behavior

Want more customers to talk about the club or REWARD DAYS? Ask them to share your banners on social media and enter their cell numbers too!

Collect Customer Data

Collect a database of more customers names, cells, and emails every time they use Golf Surprize.


our offer to ngcoa members

Set up license fee of $100 (non-members pay $550)

One call and within 15 minutes you’re ready to enter CELL NUMBERS and promote your REWARD DAY.

Nothing more to pay until you start generating revenue.