”Hats off Golf Surprize for helping a stack of managers raise revenue, lower costs, increase bookings online and solve 'technology bottleneck' issues in the pro shop.

Simple solutions that require no staff training. Love it.”

I salute you!

Club Problems

What days of the week does your club experience any of these INDUSTRY issues?

Discounted Tee Times

Bartered Tee Times








When the club finally says goodbye to your service, will it be on your watch that critical decisions were taken which set in motion the club going under, or above and beyond?

A game of golf is not the only reason people come to the club. We know why people play, and it’s not price, so why is the legacy being left by so many board members a legacy of ‘Discounts’?

Golf at your club should hold value and you can do something about it. If your club qualifies, we can offer you a $12,000 one Day Strategy Session with HBB Group, business strategy trainers, paid for by Golf Surprize. A one day Strategy Session with the managers and the board all in one room ready to create legacies that assist the club well past the time they hand over the reins to the future board.

What Can Be Achieved Together?

Let's protect and defend what works and leave a legacy.

We will advance your interests both personal and those of the club.

Let's plan growth and the future together.

Your Strategic Partners

Improvements Guaranteed

We guarantee fast improvement when you implement our strategies wholeheartedly.

Unique Propositions

Together we identify and utilize unique selling propositions to stand out in the industry.

Profitable Customers

We put you in the shoes of the least price sensitive and most profitable customers.

Generating Commitment

It’s been said we’re an ocean generating wave after wave of excitement and commitment.

The Past 2018

In 2018 we tested stickers as an add on to club competitions to reward players for target scores. $214,000 worth of rewards turned into $520,000 spent in clubs.

We also gave away over $40,000 in prizes out of our own pocket, including a $20,000 trip to Ireland.

2019 and Beyond

For 2019 and beyond we’ve simplified the 2018 products.

There are two immediate revenue generators for SOCIAL GOLF PLAY or CLUB COMPETITION PLAY

To generate new revenue (and other benefits) for social golfers at your club of up to $230,000 P.A. for smaller clubs…

1. Include Golf Surprize in Green Fees (as little as a $3 difference – you give away more than on a discount! We get it back for you and more.)

2. Enter the cell/mobile number of customers.

It does not take any staff training to perform that task.

That's all Folks!

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We address industry problems, it’s our mission.

You can share problems at your club privately with us.
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Raise your green fee by $3 or more. With a 1 in 8 chance to win up to $500 club credit, we guarantee your customers will see more value in paying a small premium than in the current discount.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

We promote playing at your club through Golf Surprize so you don’t have to ever offer free games of golf. We add so much value to green fees your customers will want to pay a higher price every time.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

We guarantee if you follow our advice we can get you more customers paying full price booking online.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

Using Online Tee Time Agents to sell your tee times can attract costs of up to 20%!

That doesn't even include your fixed costs to open the course! We can lower all costs for you.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

Do you think a majority of customers would prefer a $5 discount or a chance to win up to $500 credit to spend in the club for experiences and scores they have playing plus other draws valued at $50,000?

More players on a regular basis.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

We can identify unique selling propositions (USP) you’ve never thought of, that your competition won’t be able to use. We provide a measurable plan that we guarantee will work.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

We guarantee that social players will spend money in the club. We reward your customers for their experience playing. A guaranteed profit and ROI.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

We guarantee members competitions will become more popular when you award players with our patented target scores/credit. Every player gets a target score and a different amount to win when they achieve it.

It adds to the amount players spend in the club significantly without the players paying more to enter the competitions.

Hat’s off. That’s only the start.

Find out if you qualify for the Strategy Day

Find out if you qualify for the Strategy Day (Australia Only) to find your legacy with our partners HBB Group – worth over $12,000 – paid for by us.

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