Reward the golfer instead of discounting the golf.

Golf Surprize is a simple revenue generating software  platform.

The golfer provides their mobile number at check-in and is eligible for a 1 in 8 chance to win credit for playing during a ‘Reward time green fee’.


Winners spend credit in the club at 2.6  times their reward.

Golf Surprize set-up is quick and easy, one call with us can generate revenue today.

WhY DOES golf surprize EXIST?

We value the many reasons people play golf, but when it comes down to it, a full price green fee should be more valuable to a golfer than a lower priced green fee at every club.

We created a rewards platform that gives golfers a chance to win credits instantly to spend in your club based on their scores and experiences playing your course and we wanted it to be simple. All that’s needed is their mobile number.

Aussies like to keep things easy, and we know you’re time poor, so we reduced technology bottlenecks for you and your staff. One call with us can get you up and running and then every mobile number entered generates new revenue.

We also believe in a having a fair go, that’s why we take no commission on green fees. That’s your revenue and you always gain revenue before we get paid. It’s simple.

Trade Mark & Patent Protected 2020 Golf Surprize Pty Ltd

How does golf surprize work?

An Alternative To Discounting

Customers see more value in non-discounted green fees and you have a reason to promote them as a “special”.

Increased  Spending At Your Course

Customers who win are awarded credits that have to be redeemed immediately in the Pro-Shop and/or clubhouse.

Influence Customer Behavior

Want more customers to talk about the club or rewards? Ask them to share your banners on social media and enter their mobile numbers too!

Collect Customer Data

Grow your database of customer names, mobiles, and emails every time they use Golf Surprize.


NGCOA members pay a one-time set-up and license fee of $100. We’ve heavily reduced the startup fee so you can begin generating revenue immediately. 

Non-NGCOA members pay a one-time set-up and licence fee of $550, but this fee will be waived with NCGOA membership.   

Once you enter your customers mobile numbers you can begin to generate revenue with reward times/days.  

You only pay when golfers play reward times/days.